Refrigerated Meat Mincer – Igloo TCR22-TCR32

The meat mincer, made entirely of AISI 304 stainless steel, is equipped with a safety system, a self-ventilated motor and oil bath gears. The machine complies with all European and international hygiene and safety standards: it allows the meat to be processed at low temperatures to prevent the development of bacteria and to keep the appearance and nutritional properties of the meat unchanged. The cutting system consists of 1 plate and 1 blade made of stainless steel and a removable hopper that can be cleaned easily using a damp cloth. Even if the machine is not used for a long time, there is no need to remove the inlet mouth and store it in a refrigerator. The machine is also fitted with a compressor, a thermostat and an environmentally neutral refrigerant. An insulating cover for the mouth is also available as an optional extra to maintain the temperature of the meat that has just been processed and to prevent it from coming into contact with external contaminants.



Hourly output 280 kg/h
Motor 1.5 Hp/1.1 kW – 230/50; 1.5 Hp/1.1 kW – 400 V/50 Hz
Net weight kg 43
Dimensions 27X41X54.5 cm
Hopper dimensions 35X24X4.9 cm
Compressor power GD40MB220-240V 50HZ
Refrigerant R134A
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Hourly output 450 kg/h
Motor 3 Hp/1.87kW – 400 V/50 Hz
Net weight 56 kg
Dimensions 35X53X55.5cm
Hopper dimensions 41X31X7.1 cm
Compressor power GD40MB220-240V 50HZ
Refrigerant R134A